Gasoline Engines

Trying to figure out different ways on how to better your automobile's engine performance to make it go faster? In order to get more performance from your vehicle, the key here is to modify your car’s engine to accept more fuel and air. There are a handful of ways to achieve this objective, but there are 5 ways in particular that stand-out for their constant efficiency.


The Top 5 Ways to Enhance an Engine's Performance


1 Superchargers


A supercharger basically pressurizes air intake above the usual atmospheric level so that a lot more air can go into the engine--thus combining it with an increased amount of fuel, in order for it to produce more power. It is mechanically powered via a chain or belt from the crankshaft. If everything is installed as indicated on the instructional manual, a supercharger can nearly produce 50% more horsepower to your engine. How great is that?


2 Air Filters


Aftermarket air filters have the ability of allowing more airflow to go into the engine for a better use of the fuel/air combination, while also blocking impurities and contaminants that can slowly degrade the performance of it overtime. Air filters are made of fabric, which makes them washable and inexpensive. They are often considered as 'reusable performance enhancers.'


3 Cold Air Intake Kit


The temperature of the air can either negatively or positively affect the efficiency of your vehicle; therefore, a cold air intake kit is of great benefit, as it can bring cold air into the internal combustion engine. Normally, vehicles are able to regulate the temperature, but cold air intake kits, can head to higher engine efficiency and performance, as they contain more of that necessary oxygen that is needed in order to obtain a more dynamic combustion in the engine.


4 Performance Chips


Performance chips are basically “hacks,” because they can increase the power of your engine by overriding factory setting. You see, these chips can set new parameters for the functions that you choose, such as telling your car’s engine to intake more air for a bigger combustion or to use gas more efficiently. The installation of these types of chips is quite simple.


5 Weight Reduction


If you stop to think about it, things that are lightweight move faster than things that are heavy. This solution involves switching out heavier parts of your vehicle with parts that are lighter; this will make your vehicle more aerodynamic and lighter. Some of the heavy things that you can remove are those extra seats you don't use and parts of the dashboard. Also, it would be of great benefit if you opt to replace your heavy glass windows with acrylic or plastic versions.


As you can tell, vehicles are sort of like a human body; if they are not carefully cared for, they won’t function to the max. So, in this difficult day and age of economic struggles, it would be of great benefit for you if you choose one of these 5 different ways to enhance your engine performance, as you'll save time and money in the long run.


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