The Fitch Sprint Corvair:

Corvair Corsas were very popular in their day and were one of the great racing cars which almost came to symbolise America in the past. However, they were even better once they were modified.

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The Yenko Corvair:

Don Yenko was a great car enthusiast in America and really was one of the greats in the automobile industry. He was very passionate about cars and in a lot of ways they were his life. He indulged and participated in a lot of races and was well-renowned for being a very proficient driver.

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The Chevrolet Corvair Airplane:

Corvair engines are great choices for airplanes and air boats. Unlike many other engines, these engines are air-cooled. Economically speaking, it makes perfect sense to use a Corvair engine in an airplane. Smaller privately owned airports in general have fallen on difficult economic times, so advances like the Corvair engine will make all the difference for them. The fact that Corvair engines can be used so effectively in such a wide range of vehicles is just another indicator of their baseline quality.

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