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Importance Of Changing Car Air Filters:


Changing the air filter on the car is the best way to prevent other problems with the car from occurring. Air filters help keep cars running smoothly by keeping small particles, dirt and debris from damaging the engine, pistons and cylinders. In addition, car filters help prolong the life of the car’s engine and cuts down on expensive repairs.


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The Airplane Rule:

An airplane is very smartly designed mode of transportation, and has taken many years to perfect. An airplane is also known for its complexity - thousands of different mechanisms work together at once and must be in perfect working order and to run without any problems. It has taken over one hundred years just to perfect the airplane's design and mechanisms, and it still isn't perfect. We get to experience the safest method of travel in the world, however there are still problems, and many different complex probabilities to take into consideration.

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About Monza Auto Parts


Our company

Monza Auto Parts is the retail division of Monza Motion, LLC. Monza Motion manufactures, markets and brokers national brand and private label automotive parts. We broker and market automotive products in-store and online.


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