How a Boxer Engine Works:

Engines that are flat in design like Subaru's Boxer are nothing new. Designs like these, which gives are generally much better than types such as the inline and v-type engines, rather integrates horizontally opposed banks was patented in 1896 and has since been executed by Volkswagen, Porsche, Subaru, and most notably, the Chevrolet Corvair . In a time around the 1960s, Subaru fully embraced the Boxer layout due to the success of the Volkswagen bug and the Chevrolet Corvair, which today remains the company's exclusive engine configuration.

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Here is a directory of Corvair Documents.

The Covair Turbo vs the Corvair 4 Carbs:

The history of the Corvair is one that is riddled with nostalgia, and controversy. By the time it was produced, the Baby Boomers were ready to hit the road. This was the second generation of future Covair lovers. The Corvair was the kind of car that developed a cult following, rife with debate about the advantages of the turbo model. An upcoming battle between Corvair enthusiasts was brewing between the two models. The turbo and 4 carbs were similar, but were defined by their differences.

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