How the Chevrolet Corvair Impacted the American Law System:


Created by Edward N. Cole, a brilliant General Motors engineer, the Corvair was considered to be one of the first American “compact cars.” Although it was named the 1960 Motor Trend Car of the Year, graced the cover of Time magazine, and was used as a source of inspiration by many European auto makers, the Chevrolet Corvair was actually a highly criticized vehicle.


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The Tumultuous Ride of the Chevy Corvair:

One of the most controversial enterprises by an American auto maker was GM’s Corvair program. Built in response to a growing demand for an American economy car, the Corvair shook up the American auto market. Corvair’s radically new design was successful at stoking interest, production costs were so high it defeated the purpose of being an economy car. Nevertheless, Corvair was successful in opening up a whole new market.

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Mechanical vs Electrical Fuel Pump

In every car there is a fuel pump, which is an often (but not consistently) crucial part on a vehicle or other internal combustion engined. Many types of engines - old bike engines especially - do not really require a fuel pump at all, requiring only gravitation to feed the fuel from the tank through a hose or a line.

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