Putting the right fuel and getting the right performance for your car

The first step to improving the performance of your car is ensuring that the engine is working properly. The engine is like t he hub of the car: it needs to be working properly so that everything else flows well. Get a mechanic to do this to ensure that when the fuel is put in, it filters down to all the right places to power your car in the best possible manner. This is essential to enhancing the performance of your car. Some drivers like to install a spolier to install the aerodynamics of their car, although this is very much personal taste and preference.


Putting the right fuel into your car is also a sensible thing to do. It is unadvisable to put diesel into a car that workes better on petrol. This is something that you should be au fait with prior to actually buying the car. Diesel tends to work better on cars with heavier engines which have significant exhaust fumes. Petrol is the most commonly used type of fuel, although it works well with smaller engines in the main.


There are other features which will enhance the performance of you car. The spoiler has already been mentioned, but for an even more streamlined effect, the tyres could be changed for maximum performance. Give particular credence to the wheel tread and the quality of them. The mantra 'buy cheap, buy twice' is particularly applicable when accessorising a car.



Essentially, there are numerous ways to improve the performance of a car, but putting the right fuel in is the first step in doing so.

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