U.S. government study disputes Nader's charges against Corvair

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U.S. government study disputes Nader's charges against Corvair:

The Chevrolet Corvair is a very reliable brand of vehicles and there are many people who always had it as their favorite mode of transport. Essentially, it is a very good car although there were some issues in the past. The Chevrolet Corvair was one of the most popular cars and received good reviews from many consumers, apart from one.


 Ralph Nader, a leading consumer advocate, is very critical of the brand and argues that there are numerous deficiencies to it. He argues that they are unsafe and not suitable on the road. Nader highlighted its ability to over steer and also veers off, which really makes it quite unsafe, with some people being in accidents because of it. Sales of the Corvair certainly reduced after Nader elucidated these concerns and certainly contributed to them declining in popularity.


At Nader's behest, the US government commissioned a study into them to see if they were really as unsafe as what Nader claimed. It was very expansive and covered a large sample so the results of it must be at least fairly reliable. The study that it conducted through actually concluded that the Corvair was a safe and roadworthy vehicle and had a lot of potential to be a good family vehicle. It is hard to dispute the findings though as the Corvair car was compared against other similar cars of the era so it seems that there may be no detrimental effects of the Corvair after all.


However, Nader was still vehement that the Chevrolet Corvair was not safe and tried to get it taken off the roads. Typically, he disagreed with the outcomes of the study, indicating his displeasure at what had been concluded. He thought it was a whitewash although some independent engineers also confirmed that the findings were reliable which seems to hint that the study was correct after all.


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