Scott Romney Chevrolet Corvair

scott romney corvair

Scott Romney Chevrolet Corvair:


My father who was very curious about the freshly redesigned and restyled Corvair walked into the local Chevrolet dealer in the fall of 1964. I had no idea that he was going to be there or otherwise I would have accompanied him.



I was a Corvair lover for a long time. The charged 1962 model Monza Spyder was my dream car and I always wanted my father to replace his 80 horsepower 700 for the much quicker and sexier Spyder. My expectations were totally impractical as my father’s 700 was a very much new car. I remember that it was a pleasant Sunday night somewhere in the early 60s when I watched the popular Chevrolet sponsored television Bonanza which followed The Ed Sullivan show along with my family. The Chevrolet’s ad agency then approached Michael Landon to become part of the Monza Spyder commercial which apparently looked a very wise decision. Landon was spectacular in the commercial and related the car very well with the postwar youth market. If we closely observe the wind noise and growl of the engine, it was truly a state of the art technology of that time. Further, Landon description about the thrill that the driver has while driving Spyder was totally overwhelming with the support of its 4-speed, full instrumentation, bucket seats and above all its independent suspension. As a matter of fact was the first American manufactured car having independent suspension paving the way for Corvette which was a much better and advanced version of the car coming in 1963. I was just 11 years old at that time and Landon’s brilliance just blew me away. Soon my father got inspired by Spyder too and he ordered new a couple of years later. In the showroom, he was told that the Spyder car has been replaced by a much better 1965 model having the option of four carbs. The option was to choose between a four carb or a super charged engine. The was the ultimate decision of my father and I guess he was absolutely right. My father came back home with a brochure and we had to wait weeks before the car arrived at our home. It’s been almost 50 years and I still have the same love for the car.


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Scott Romney speaks about his experience of the Corvair his father, George Romney purchased after retiring from American Motors.

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