Importance Of Changing Car Air Filters

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Importance Of Changing Car Air Filters:


Changing the air filter on the car is the best way to prevent other problems with the car from occurring. Air filters help keep cars running smoothly by keeping small particles, dirt and debris from damaging the engine, pistons and cylinders. In addition, car filters help prolong the life of the car’s engine and cuts down on expensive repairs.



If a filter is dirty or clogged, it can affect the car’s performance and can reduce air flow to the engine. When air flow to the engine is limited, the amount of fuel used to operate vehicle drops, which can lessen how the car performs. Clean air filters also help reduce the amount contaminants that are released from the exhaust, which results in fewer emissions.


A new air filter also helps increase gas mileage by lessening the amount of fuel that is burned during operation. Dirty filters blow dirt and debris back into the engine, which can cause a reduction of gas mileage. For most vehicles, the amount of increase in fuel economy is one to two miles per gallon, which adds up to about a 10 percent increase in gas mileage.


Changing the air filter is simple to do and is one of the least expensive ways to maintain a vehicle. Plus, it is a good way to keep cars in good operating condition. Typically, air filters should be changed every 10, 000 to 20,000 miles. Even if the air filter looks clean, it should be changed during the specified time that the owner’s manual suggests. It is important to note that the air filter used must be the exact one designed for the make and model of the automobile.

Clean air filters enhance a car’s performance, increases gas mileage, improve airflow and extends engine life, which makes it wise to change air filters on a regular basis. In addition, clean air filters help protect the car’s engine from becoming damaged, which could lead to costly engine repairs.


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