The Airplane Rule

Keep It Simple - airplane rule

The Airplane Rule:

An airplane is very smartly designed mode of transportation, and has taken many years to perfect. An airplane is also known for its complexity - thousands of different mechanisms work together at once and must be in perfect working order and to run without any problems. It has taken over one hundred years just to perfect the airplane's design and mechanisms, and it still isn't perfect. We get to experience the safest method of travel in the world, however there are still problems, and many different complex probabilities to take into consideration.

Originally, airplanes were only built with one engine. Today, they are built with two engines, also known as the twin-engine airplane. The airplane rule states that "the complexity increases the possibility of failure; a twin-engine airplane has twice as many engine problems as a single-engine airplane".


Technically speaking, this rule can apply to other things such as software and electronics. It is argued that simplicity increases robustness. Doubling the engines in an airplane will increase the complexity of the craft by even more than two times. The airplane will get heavier, meaning you will need more horsepower and fuel, meaning there is an increased chance of problems.


If we look at the probability, then there are many things to take into account. If you look at a single engine airplane, then it will have about a 50% probability of failing. With a twin engine plane, both engines would have to fail in order to cause a crisis or dangerous situation. This is the reason why there are two engines in the first place, so in order for it to become a lethal situation, both of the engines in the airplane would have to fail. This decreases the chances to only 25%.


However, both engines are in the same craft, meaning if one engine fails, then the other is bound to fail as well. The circumstances that could cause one engine to fail would most likely cause the other engine to fail, leaving the airplane in hopeless circumstances. The environmental or systematic factors that contribute to one engine's failure would also, most likely, cause the other engine to fail.


An airplane is a very complex mechanism and there are all kinds of different probabilities to take into consideration. Today, we get to experience safe and secure air travel. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than you do dying in a plane crash. However, these situations do happen, and are normally due to engine failure and problems that arise with the internal combustion system. This is a very delicate system and whenever there is a plane crash, it is normally engine failure that is responsible. The airplane rule is very important in understanding the complexity of the mechanism to make sure that all aspects of the model can be taken into consideration. Even though there have been huge advancements in airplane technology, there are still more things that can be done to make it even more stable and safe for passengers.

The airplane rule is known around universities as KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid


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