The Covair Turbo vs the Corvair 4 Carbs

The Corsa tubro engine saw a major production upgrade in the mid-60s. This was one of the most highly touted innovations from the auto-market in quite some time. The Corsa’s new engine represented the zenith of car production with its 164 cubic inch “pancake” engine. It was truly one of the most hyped cars on the market. With a 180 horsepower and 4000 RPM, the Corsa was a mini feat of modern engineering.
It was also meant to go quickly. There are many tales of Baby Boomers who enjoyed their first drive in this car. It was peppy, nearly to a fault. The original Corvair had gained unwanted attention from safety advocates that claimed that it was unsafe. The extra attention is not something that this car needed, especially with regulators breathing down its back.

Purists were fickle about aspects the 4000 PRM, claiming it couldn’t get off the start line more quickly than its “little brother” the Corvair Corsa 4 carbs. Which was named after its 140hp, four-carburetor engine. These were truly automobiles for auto enthusiasts. The debate would continue for decades, even after the car was no longer produced. This just goes to show the passion that was behind those who purchased a Corsa.
But as any auto enthusiast may or may not know, the Turbo was designed to get off the line. Therefore, these claims did not have legitimacy. It had been clocked at over 113 mph on the quarter mile run. It also had no problem putting out a reasonable 0-60. The legacies of the Corsa aside, you knew what you were in for when you stepped into the turbo.

This peppy little car would make your evening an exciting one. It changed an entire genre of cars. While Ford had just released the Mustang with great success, the Corsa was the answer for many car lovers. This group may have been smaller, but the group was filled with people who were passionate about their cars. It seems to reason that this is one situation where it is good to be in the minority.


Fun fact, the Corvair was the first production car to have a turbo (It was released the same time as the Oldsmobile Jetfire).

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