Airplanes and Corvair Engines

Concerns about the safety of airplanes have only increased in recent years. Airplanes are actually significantly safer than other transportation methods, but a number of people are still nervous about using airplanes. The Corvair engine has been tested for more than a quarter of a century. Researchers have investigated the use of Corvair engines in airplanes thoroughly. Corvair engines work very well in airplanes, from an engineering perspective and a security perspective.


So, if you are thinking about building an experimental airplane, how about you opt for an engine from an automobile that left a strong print in a groundbreaking era: Corvair. If you need any Corvair Performance Parts please lookup Monza Motion, LLC out of Hamilton, Ohio.

Anthony Johnson Nascar   

About the author:

Anthony Johnson is the owner and President of Monza Motion, LLC which owns and operates two companies out of Hamilton, Ohio. Monza Auto Parts which is the retail side of the business and Monza Energy is the powerplant research and development division. Anthony is an avid motorsports fan and classic car collector. He has a passion for the Chevrolet Corvair, which is a car that has forever changed America. He has a degree in Computer Forensics and Network Security from SWFC and is considered an Information Security expert. Anthony has worked with the DoD and major financial institutions across the United States.


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